Lip Balm Keeper - Chambray Dots

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Stephanie Dawn Lip Balm Keeper

Stephanie Dawn’s Lip Balm Keeper is the perfect solution to avoid having to search around in the bottom of your bag for your lip balm or gloss!

Never lose track of your lip products again with this convenient American Made, high quality fabric Accessory Style! It makes a great addition to any Handbag &/or Tote. The metal lobster claw clasp allows for quick attachment and removal. You may find yourself using it for more than just lip products… try a flash drive for carrying your electronic files to and from the office.

Give this cute, colorful Stephanie Dawn Accessory a try!  Also makes great gifts for students, teachers & employees.

DIMENSIONS: 1.5" W x 5.25" H x .5" D
WASHABLE - see tag for instructions

Made in the USA

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