What does Maruca stand for?  Rex Maruca is the founder of the Maruca handbag line.  Maruca makes small production runs of their bags. The handbags are unique, well made and are designed for all ages and preferences.  The bags are made from a fabric called Jacquard.  Jacquard means an intricately woven pattern using a special loom in the weaving process.  Smaller, independent US fabric mills bring the new patterns to life.  The threads are cottons, rayons and synthetics - many of which are from recycled plastic.  Maruca offers different sizes and patterns of their bags and accessories.  

All of the Maruca textiles are designed in-house and all woven in the USA.  The bags are hand sewn in Boulder, Colorado.


Introducing the Spring/Summer 2019 Undersea Majesty Collection...

Under the ever changing blue waters, the real allure lives beneath...a beautiful, fascinating and delicate culmination of reef gardens and marine life...known as the "rainforest of the sea".  These fantastical species have surfaced in Maruca's summer textiles, all in a dazzling array of soft and brilliant tones.  Maruca recognizes the vulnerability of these majestic reefs and acknowledges their critical impact on our planet.

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