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Chala approaches life with passion and creativity. They believe in the idea that doing what you like and liking what you do is a key to happiness in life. They love fashion, and they love handbags.

They love to create fashion, instead of following it. They always find happiness in giving ordinary bags a little twist, and seeing people smile.  They try to be as simple as possible in life, even when it comes to fashion.  They adorn simple bags with just right amount of whimsy, not too fancy or complicated.  They believe simplicity and sophistication co-exists, and strive to find a perfect balance of them.

They like to be bold & different in life, in a harmless way, whenever and wherever possible.  They celebrate individuality in the fashion world, graphically as on their handbags.

Chala Handbags is an advocate of animal rights and welfare.  They donate 5% of their annual net profits to help animals in need through our charity partner, Heart and Home Animal Rescue Foundation.

PETA-Approved Vegan.  Made in China.

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