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Haiku likes to think of life as a string of adventures — not just the epic ones but the little ones you can weave into an otherwise regular day. On your way home. With friends. With family. With all your things. Designed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, made with durable, eco-conscious materials, Haiku’s everyday adventure bags keep your essentials ​well-organized and your hands free. Each design is both a love note to nature and an answer to the complexities of daily life. Even on days when your purse resembles a snack bin or your desk drawer, built-in features and pockets ensure there’s always a place for your cards or a trail map. Versatile carry options keep your adventurous spirit ready for the unexpected.  Made with vegan & eco-conscious materials.


Haiku's deep love of nature and the outdoors drives their commitment to reduce the impact their products have on the environment. More than five years ago, Haiku started building their bags with CyclePET when they realized the effect this choice could make over time. Production of CyclePET uses about half the energy as nonrecycled polyester, saving water and lessening our dependence on virgin petroleum. Made from post-consumer plastic beverage bottles, each Haiku bag on average saves about nine bottles out of landfills and oceans.


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